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Why Wax ?

There are many benefits of waxing as a method of body hair removal. Whether it’s for cleanliness, performance improvement for sports activities, or just because it looks and feels great, perhaps it’s even because our partners like the look.

So what are the benefits?

Shaving, plucking and trimming hair can be time consuming and only provide smoothness for a few days, before regrowth and the dreaded itch sets in.

Unlike shaving, waxing removes the hairs from the roots. This for many people gives the promise of slower, softer and sparser regrowth. Therefore waxing is a preferred alternative for hair removal.

What should I do before I get waxed?

Please do not shave, use any hair removal creams or trim for a least 3-4 weeks beforehand. Hair should be 8-10mm ideally to be successfully removed.

Showered… ( I know that this isn’t always possible however if you come to my home you can have one here but I need to know beforehand so I can extend your treatment times).

Wear or bring clean loose clothing depending on area ie tee shirt for your torso, loose trousers for legs, cotton underwear for intimate area.

Feeling embarrassed about being waxed down there or getting aroused? Don’t be.. I fully understand your comfort is key and I will make you feel relaxed. Arousal more than likely won't happen. If it does, don't be embarrassed.

Aftercare for the next 24-48 hours

No hot baths or showers (cool or lukewarm), No Sauna, hot tubs, steam rooms.
No sport in ANY form or vigorous exercise.
No tanning (i.e. sunbeds, sunbathing or fake tans).
No scratching or scrubbing the treated area.
No sexual activity after intimate waxing.
No deodorants, body sprays, make up, powders or lotions on the waxed area.
Do wear clean loose fitting clothes.
Do use clean towels after bathing.
Do apply an antiseptic cream regularly for the next few days, to soothe and protect skin. Always wash your hands before applying any product.
Do apply a sunblock on exposed area of waxed skin before heading outside.

Some slight soreness, small bumps, redness are common and are a perfectly normal temporary reaction, especially if this is your first wax. This should settle over the next 24-48 hours.

To prevent ingrown hairs, starting a few days after your appointment, gently exfoliate the skin up to 3 times a week using a body mitt, brush or scrub. Moisturise the area every day to keep the skin supple and help new hairs grow through normally.

You might notice a small amount of regrowth after a week or so. It can take several treatments for your hair to get on a cycle that gives best results. Hair needs to be at least 5mm long for me to wax, so please don’t shave tweeze or use remove creams between appointments. To maintain your smooth appearance, we recommend regular waxing every 4-6 weeks.

If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me.

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