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Why holistic full body massage?

Holistic Massage treats the body as a whole, not only will a massage pamper your body, it is a therapeutic application of touch that encourages the mind to slowdown and it lifts the spirit on an emotional level.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to a massage, too many to list. Some of these can be:

Relaxation of muscles, improved circulation, strengthened immune system, more flexibility,
Better sleep, reduces stress and anxiety, helps reduce blood pressure and helps to clear the mind,
Increases energy, releases endorphins emphasising feel good factor, increased relaxation.

What happens at the massage?

If this is your first massage - relax, we will go through your new client consultation form, from this I can tailor make the treatment for you.

Choose which aromatherapy media you would like.

I will leave the room and let you get changed to your comfort level and settle on the couch.

I will go through the massage with all the techniques that I have learnt concentrating of areas we have discussed.

Afterwards I’ll leave the room for you to get changed.

Aftercare next 24 hours

Drink plenty of water… During the massage toxins in the body are being released due to increased blood circulation in the lymphatic system. Drinking water helps oxygen and nutrients get to the organs, muscles and cells to get rid of these toxins.

Avoid diuretics... like alcohol, tea’s, coffee and soft drinks as these will stop helping the body absorb the water making it difficult to rid the body of toxins.

Get plenty of rest… Go home and put your feet up, read that book you have been longing to read, have a nap in front of the TV, you need to keep the feeling of well-being.

Please... don’t have any exercise like a gym workout or a run as this will undo the work I have done, your muscles have just had a work out.

Take a warm bath or shower … This will help you not only rest but will relax the body. Don’t make it hot, it may cause inflammation.

Why do I feel more emotional…? This is because the parasympathetic nervous system has kicked in and you have a lot of stress build up, your stress hormones are high, however with a massage hormones are released helping to lift your mood. This will make you feel emotional if you need to have a cry then do, don’t fight it.

Are you having a reaction… Do your muscles feel sore? This will only last for 24 -48 hours this is because your muscles are tight and need loosening up. This tightness is blood that hasn’t been able to circulate as it should do and push out the waste. This will decrease over time with regular massage.

After any exercise make sure that you stretch.

What is Massage Media?

These are the products that I use for the massage. I currently use two different types, the traditional massage oils, and a new medium which is wax. Wax is a blend of beeswax and 100% natural ingredients. (I do offer a vegan alternative) This is a semi solid formula which melts onto the skin.


Full Body Holistic Massage 1 Hour £40
Back, Shoulders. 30 Minutes £25

If you have any concerns or questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me.

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